Custom T-shirt print on demand
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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to order one custom t-shirt?
The price is determined by the method of printing, color/size of the shirt, printed area/size.
Average price for one single t-shirt order is $35

Is it cheaper if I ordered more than one?

Yes, if same design is used for the order.

How long does it take?
All orders are processed "first come first serve" basis, however we'll try to get done by next day for single t-shirt order.

Can I use any kind of design for imprint?
No, licensed logo or copyright design should not be used. (ie. NFL logo, Disney characters,etc) It's copyright infringement

Can I bring my own shirt to customize it?
Yes, we can accept if they are brand new and unworn.


Email us if you have any other questions.